Safety: first and foremost, is our most critical core value. We take it seriously and to heart. We believe there is no reconciliation for unsafe practices. We have worked hard to set the benchmark for safety standards in our industry. From Senior Management to the every line employee, proper training, audits, innovative solutions and clear procedures ensure our clients get the results they need safely, every time.

When our employees come to work each day, we pride ourselves in knowing they will return home as healthy as they arrived. We utilize BBP training programs for all workers and certify that they meet our safety requirements. The proper training courses we require include the OSHA VPP Challenge Programs as well as Global’s strategically designed safety programs. Additionally, we’re registered members in HASC, PICS, ISNETWORLD and Alliance Safety Council.

awards2Global Contractors sets the benchmark for safety in the industry

If we can’t do a job safely, we’re not going to do it. Conditions on a job site can change quickly and  if this creates an unsafe environment, we immediately shut it down. This standard is part of our commitment to our clients and our employees. These safety initiatives help us improve as a company and help to set the benchmark for the industry. Our commitment to safety excellence has been recognized by the industry and Global has been honored to receive numerous safety awards.

Safety Awards & Recognition

1st Place General Contractors
2010 GBRIA Contractor Safety Excellence Award
1st Place Specialty Trade Soft Craft
2013 GBRIA Contractor Safety Excellence Award
3rd Place Specialty Trade Soft Division II
2014 GBRIA Contractor Safety Excellence Award
Soft Craft Divison I
2014 GBRIA Craft Workforce Merit Award
Soft Craft Division I
2015 GBRIA Craft Workforce Recognition Award